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The National Research Council Canada

Since 1916, the National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada's premier organization for research and development.

NRC comprises more than 20 institutes and national programs, spanning a wide variety of disciplines and offering a broad array of services. Located in every province of Canada, NRC plays a major role in stimulating community-based innovation.

NRC employs close to 4,280 people across Canada, providing substantial resources to help Canada become one of the world's top five R&D performers.

NRC also benefits from the efforts of guest workers, drawn from Canadian and foreign universities, companies and public and private sector organizations.

The Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences

The Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences (NRC-SIMS) is named after Dr. E.W.R. "Ned" Steacie, one of Canada's most eminent researchers in physical chemistry and President of the National Research Council from 1952 to 1962.

The Steacie Institute conducts cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in selected areas of molecular sciences that have the potential to stimulate entirely new or emerging sectors of the Canadian economy. Strategic molecular sciences research fields for NRC-SIMS include: nanoscience, chemical biology, diagnostics, laser science, molecular interfaces, advanced materials, and their related technologies.

The Materials Structure and Function Group

The key to successful development of new materials lies in the development of rational design strategies. This can only be achieved through an understanding of fundamental interactions at the molecular level.

Research in the group is focused in two areas: the design, synthesis and characterization of materials that are tuned or tunable for specific purposes, and the development of methods for the characterization of materials of ever-increasing complexity. The group also manages a wide range of major and minor equipment for materials characterization and molecular structure determination for the Institute.

Ongoing Projects include:

Characterization Technique Development

Gas Hydrates

Materials Development